Apparently they didn’t do any barbequing back in the 1960’s.  Baked Chicken Californian was pretty good with the wine in it and done in the oven with bacon and onion on top, and the family said they’d like that again.  The classic French Onion Soup with wine in it and the Spinach Salad with wine in the dressing we had the next night was very good and bears repeating.  But I am having barbeque withdrawal.  So we’re not doing Easy Wine Pork Chops, seasoned and baked in the oven with the ubiquitious wine.

I have a nice Valley of the Sun Ramona Red Red Wine in my glass and we’re grilling on the George Foreman.  The pork chops will have a liberal sprinking of Johnny’s Pork and Chicken seasoning (an absolute must – made in Tacoma WA) and the steamed artichoke will get cut in half, brushed with my friend Jane’s imported Brava Gourmet garlic infused olive oil and also grilled.

My Mum was always on the forefront when it came to food, and I clearly recall barbeque steaks in the 60’s.  She’d buy chuck steaks, because they were cheapest, and marinate them in Thousand Island salad dressing for quite awhile before grilling.  A yummy memory.  I think that’s why the outdoor grill has always been my favorite form of cooking.  In the 70’s when we lived in Burnaby B.C., I’d be the only one in the neighborhood, in the carport in the rain, grilling our dinner on the hibachi.  With wine in my glass even then!