I have always loved cooking & entertaining.  My joy of cooking has expanded dramatically however since I am now focused on pairing fine cuisine with fine local wines.  Double the pleasure, double the fun!

We do an annual luncheon event for our Charter Members and last year we did a tour of the vineyard in combination with the food and wine.  Here is the menu, wines and the destinations we visited that day.

– Antipasto Platter at Chinook Ridge
Hawk Watch Winery 2007 Sequoia Dry Rose of Syrah South Coast
– Warm Tomato Tart at the Love-Love Tree
Hawk Watch Winery 2005 Zinfandel South Coast
– Garlic Caesar Salad at Hatfield View
Shadow Mountain Vineyards Grenache Rose 2008 S.D. County
– Shrimp Fradiavolo in the Vineyard
Edwards Vineyards 2004 Ramona Valley Syrah
– Tiramisu on the Crush Pad (a.k.a front porch)
Shadow Mountain Vineyards Grand Cuvee
– Port at El Corazòn de la Viña
Schwaesdall Winery 2003 Port S.D. County

We also give away to selected charitable organizations who do silent auction fund raisers, a food and wine pairing luncheon for four in the vineyard.  Here is the menu for one we did in 2009.

– Brandied Mushroom Paté With Mediterranean Flatbread
Wine: Salerno Winery 2006 Pinot Noir
-Dolmades (Stuffed Chinook Vineyards Grape Leaves)
Wine: Hawk Watch Winery 2008 Vortex
– Greek Salad With Pita Bread
Wine: Cordiano Winery Primo Amore Vineyards 2007 California Zinfandel
– Baklava and Berries
Wine: Shadow Mountain Vineyards Pamela’s Pick Muscat Canelli
If you’d like any of the recipes for items you see here, just send me an email!
Bon appetite,