At a recent local wine competition awards dinner, I spoke to one of the judges who is a well qualified gentleman from New York, who was a judge for the famous Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.  This year was his first year judging our Ramona AVA wines and he was impressed with the quality of our young area’s premium wines.  He expressed a great deal of dismay however, over the fact that it is very hard to find the local wines anywhere in San Diego County.  He said, “In the communities of Upstate New York the wines grown and produced in the area dominate the wine lists in all the restaurants, and every wine shop and grocery store carries a large selection of local wines.”

Whenever we entertain, which is weekly, and someone asks what they can bring, I always say, “Please bring a bottle of San Diego County wine!”  Usually they bring two.  I am then asked, “Where can we buy local wine?”  In an on going effort to promote our industry, I am going to create a list and update it regularly, so please – when you see a Blog headline with the words BUY LOCAL WINE, check it for updates.  Also, please support the restaurants that support our local wines!

– Barona Oaks Steakhouse at Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino, Lakeside
– Bertrand at Mister A’s, San Diego
– Cheers, Ramona
– Di Amici, Ramona
– Donovans, La Jolla
– French Market Grille, Rancho Bernardo
– Hexagone Restaurant, San Diego
– Jeremy’s on the Hill, Wynola (near Julian)
– Jimmy Loves, San Diego
– Mille Fleurs, Rancho Santa Fe
– Mona Lisa, Little Italy, San Diego
– Pete’s Grill, Point Loma
– Roppongi, La Jolla
– Sardinia’s Italian Restaurant, San Diego
– The Firefly at The Dana on Mission Bay, San Diego
– The Grant Grill/U.S. Grant Hotel, San Diego
– The Sizzler Steakhouse, Ramona
– Tommy’s Italian Restaurant, El Cajon
– Trattoria Acqua, La Jolla
– Yanni’s Bistro, Poway

Stores & Tasting Rooms:
– Albertsons, G Street, San Diego
– Albertsons, Ramona
– Alternative Wines, Carmel Valley, San Diego
– Barons- Temecula and Murrieta
– Country Cellars, Wynola
– Don’s Market, Santa Ysabel (near Dudley’s Bakery)
– Haceinda de las Rosas, Old Town San Diego
– Holiday Wine Cellar, Escondido
– LaCosta Wine Company, Carlsbad
– Proprietor’s Reserve Wine bar, San Diego
– Ramona Lisa’s Beer & Wine Shop, Ramona
– Ramona Old Time Country Store, Ramona
– San Diego Wine and Culinary Institute, San Diego
– Stage Stop Liquor, Ramona
– Stumps Market, Point Loma
– Windmill Farms, San Diego
– Wine Sellar & Brasserie, San Diego

Go to and the member wineries listed there to find a few who have tasting rooms, others who have wine clubs, and most who will welcome you by appointment.  Also, has a list of their members.
Cheers and Bon Appetite!