Anywhere you go that is not in immediate area of the house, to relax and enjoy, is defined as a destination resort in our family. We have several around the property now, with a couple more planned.

The Love-Love Tree was the first one, and is a big oak tree in the vineyard, on the eastern slope. We had placed a white wrought iron love seat there, with a table adapted from a trash day discard from a neighbor, and decorated by yours truly. My daughter and her friend dubbed it the Love-Love Tree, likely because of the love seat there, and they then proceeded to decorate the tree by hanging crystal and Cloisonné hearts in it. I added one or two hearts, and recently when I stopped by there I noticed little glass hearts in the gravel under the love seat and table.

Because of its position in the eastern portion of the vineyard and therefore it retreating into shade first, it has become a favorite happy hour spot on a warm summer evening, with wine and appetizers like Stuffed Grape Leaves or Brandied Mushroom Paté, cheese, etc.

I’ll tell you about the other resorts and find pictures of them to include in other postings: Hatfield View, Chinook Ridge Dining Patio, and El Corazon de la Vina – the meditation labyrinth.