I mentioned in a prior posting our destination resorts around the property, and talked about The Love-Love Tree. This is it on the left. The little plastic box under the love seat has a pair of binoculars in it, since there’s a wonderful view of the canyon rocks and critters from this spot. All the destination areas have used our bargain railroad ties as you will see.
The bottom right picture is the dining area we call Chinook Ridge. You climb a short rock & railroad tie stairway to the top of the ridge of rocks overlooking the entire vineyard as you face west. If you face the other way, it’s a lovely back country view usually with cows.
The third picture on the top right is the seating area we call Hatfield View, since at the bottom of the hill, there is Hatfield Creek. In the Winter and Spring you can both see and hear the water, especially this year after 22″ of rain. There is also a box under one of the chairs with binoculars.
In another post I’ll show and tell about El Corazon de la Vina, the meditation labyrinth. We have several other destinations planned, including a dining pavilion in the vines. Stay tuned.