We’re just ending the July 4th Independence Day holiday weekend and several times over the past few days one or another of us has expressed gratitude for the opportunities given to us in this country. People are still risking life and limb to try to come here for a better life, while others are trying to kill us for having this better life. Go figure.

One of our weekend guests was leaving today to meet friends for lunch on their way home and was packed up to go about 1/2 an hour early than needed. When his wife said, “Shouldn’t we be going?” he replied, “I’d rather spend the next 30 minutes in the vineyard than sitting in a parking lot waiting for Jerry & Diane.” Which brings me to a suggested by-line for the vineyard.

Nike has “Just do it” and Disneyland has “The happiest place on earth”. We have, “Every hour is a happy hour at Chinook Vineyards”.