I am keeping all my day jobs to support my vineyard habit. As opposed to selling my home in Carlsbad 4 years ago to buy another place with some rental income to help pay the mortgage, we have wound up with a hole in the ground into which we pour money!

I was a partner in an accounting & tax practice for nearly 25 years, and still prepare individual income tax returns during the season. I work every quarter for a CPA in Oceanside doing all their client’s payroll reporting, sales & use tax returns, 1099’s and 571-L unsecured business property tax statements. Yawn. I will say when I go to parties now and someone asks me what I do, I get a MUCH more enthusiastic response when I tell them we have a wine grape vineyard, than I ever did when I told people we had an accounting & tax practice!

In my spare time I’m a freelance writer, generally for the local newspaper, The Ramona Sentinel. I’m writing 2 books, building a store for the web site, and learning to make wine. Yes, as a friend from the “south” once said, I’m busier than a cat covering crap on a marble floor!