Norm has a trailer fetish.  He is always admiring various sorts of utility trailers, and already has quite a collection.

He has a Teardrop Travel Trailer that he built 35 years ago, which is how we met in 2004.  But that’s another story, I also have a Teardrop Travel Trailer.  He has an antique Lineman Splicer’s trailer, and a wood utility trailer he has had for years. 

Shortly after we bought the tractor, he expressed a desire for a smallish trailer that he could tow behind it through the vineyard rows.  We were at a Ramona Valley Vineyard Association meeting one evening and met a member who had one he’d sell to him for $1, but we had to take a second one as well – both junkers.  Norm has rehabilitated one (though it hasn’t been painted his requisite yellow & green colors) and the other languishes by the back fence waiting for a future use to be identified.

He bought a used spray rig which happens to be on a trailer to pull behind the ATV.  We recently acquired another small dump trailer also to pull behind the ATV for various chores around the property.  I believe that brings his total to six.  He wants at least one more, to haul the tractor when needed, which would also be usable to haul his Model A when it needs to be moved a long distance.

I fear we are running out of room to store trailers, unless we start stacking them one on top of the other – or we could perhaps store some in the hangar at Ramona Airport – along with the airplane…