Yesterday we went to Jim’s Supply Company in Bakersfield – a mere 220 mile round trip from the condo in L.A. compared to the Las Vegas marathon the day before. We went to pick up more bird netting and green tie. The Ramona Valley Vineyard Association (RVVA) gathers up an order from all of us for Jim’s Supply, fairly regularly and we share the shipping costs. One or two of missed the deadline for the last group order, so since we were “in the neighborhood”, we brought back our supplies plus some for another grower here in the valley.

Norm put together the following information on the infrastructure we have put into our approximately 3.1 acres of vineyard. Much of it has been acquired from Jim’s Supply, as well as Grangetto’s in Escondido and Ramona Irrigation Supply here in town. We bought our root stock from 2 different nurseries, Sunfresh Vineyards and Novavine.
– 2,000 grape vines
– 2,000 grow tubes
– 2,000 bamboo stakes
– 4,000 one-gallon per hour drip emitters
– 719 steel line posts
– 73 wooden end posts
– 692 Gripples
– 18.4 miles of 13-gauge wire
– 2.07 miles of 1/2″ polytube
– countless yards of green tie
– 24 pounds of Sweet Alyssum seed

– 18 rose bushes
– 40 tons of gravel
– 4.14 miles of birdnetting
– and a partridge in a pear tree…

FYI, the total estimated cost to plant 1 acre of vineyard if you do it yourself is $15,000. If you pay someone, it is double that.